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Seasonal Beauty

Arcane Spellcaster - Linette Bento Bomber Jacket

Beauty Dolls - GenusProject Babyface Shape New Release!

Suicidal Thots - Lords & Gods Gacha - Poseidon Tattoo Common @ in-world
Shape information below image.
Beauty Dolls - Claire Shape L$99 @ marketplace | free demo 
2 shapes, brow shape, styling card
Free demo includes complete styling card.
Styling card also includes backdrop information.
Send the 2nd shape to a friend with the brow and card.
Or keep it as a backup.
If you purchased the beta GenusProject mocap head,
get Babyface for free from the redelivery terminal.

Warmth In My Heart

The day started out as a dreary morning, the rain drizzling down her windowpane as she 
curled up in the velvet brocade armchair. 
Her long eyelashes flutter as her emerald eyes flick upwards
and she notes that there is a beginning
to a beauty of white splendor poofing from the clearing grey clouds of misery.
Her lips curve into an impish smile and she delights in
the changing weather pattern.
Tilting back the warm mug of steaming cocoa with swirls of  cinnamon
and melted chocolate forming their own whimsical patterns, she
gulps greedily(down the hatchet as the saying goes), 
licking her lips as she smacks in satisfaction.
"Today is the day I go to town and window shop. Perhaps 
I'll spend a few coin and buy a surprise gift for Tommy." 
she declares to the empty parlor room.
A yowl is heard beyond the parlor and she turns her head in
the direction of the sound, her mouth splitting into a grin.
"Tommyyy!" she calls out with tender love.
Bounding in with good cheer, leaping towards the lonely girl
in the large room with many stuffy chairs and a table
loaded with confectionary delights that would
delight even a tubby marmalade cat.
"Oh no Sir Tommy! You've snuck into my room again and
found my precious mask! Bad Tommy!" and  she shakes
her finger up and down, pointing downwards at the
cat, who has his head down, and proceeds to drop the mask from
his little mouth.
Running her fingers through her hair in frustration, she fumes 
for a few moments, as that mask
had a very special meaning for her.
She had acquired the gleaming white snowflake mask
at a festival that her Father had taken her to for her birthday.
It was one of her few wonderful memories of time
spent with him and with this mask,
she could enter a magical world of fantasy.
It brought her to him,
in a world that only she could enter and relive
her memories, to keep him alive.
To keep the misery and grief at bay.
Her mind comes back to the present,
and swooping downwards,
she picks up Tommy and pulls him 
close to her body, bringing the mask to her face,
and whispers to her orange striped cat,
"Let's go home to Daddy, Tommy."
She places the delicate mask on her face
and drifts into that realm where magic touches the heart.
Original story by Kytteh Wytchwood
Currently the sim is having a photo contest.
Take a landscape portrait with 1 or more people in the sim.
Post processing your photo is accepted.
Must have a Flickr or FB account.
Linden prizes: 1st 6k, 2nd 4k, 3rd 2k
December 1-24 11 pm SLT
Read additional requirements & submit entry in Flickr group(Safe)
View Bunny Akiko ♥'s photostream to read the contest details poster
Good luck everyone! :)
Beauty Dolls - Claire bento shape - Genus Babyface & Lara
coming soon! release will be blogged; subscribe or bookmark blog
or stay tuned to my Flickr
*Spicy* in-world & marketplace
*Spicy* Jessica skin Tan Pack(Genus/Omega) - Updated+body appliers
updated Jessica skin only @ in-world
*Spicy* Rainbow eyeshadows (Omega applier)+Genus @ The Makeover Room
December 1-26 Shopping Guide
smoky upper lid eyeshadow or rhinestones to choose from in 6 eyeshadow colors
*Spicy* Tintable Eyelashes (Genus Only)
*Spicy* Rich lipstick Red Pack(Genus Only)
Inner Demons - Snowflake Mask Gacha - White Rare @ Whimsical November 18-December 18
Sweet Evil - Gold Star Body Glitter @ Grumpy Santa Hunt December 3-31
Hunt for a lump of coal at Sweet Evil mainstore, 1L grid wide hunt
Hint giver in store
Cinnamon Cocaine - Pink Christmas Aura
Horntail - Maitreya Yuki Outfit Gacha Set @ Harajuku Event November 20-December 10

Blur The Line

enable Moderate & Adult to view these products
HILTED - Bala Barb - Soft Set 3 Li
dildo in 6 colors with 5 full body self pleasure animations. rez only
HILTED - Afterdark - Set
includes bed and box spring cage(10 Li), pillow(1 Li) with texture change via touch and cage(5 Li)
bed has 36 animations total; solo, cuddles, couple caged, foreplay, sex
1st sitter goes into cage under bed in the solo category.
stand alone cage has 11 naughty and obedient solo animations
Thanks to my model who joined in to make use of the stand alone cage 
and help bring these products alive with me! :)

Remember The Night We Met?

*Spicy* Lucy skin Fat Pack (Catwa&Maitreya&Omega) @ inworld & marketplace
includes body appliers, cosmetics, shape
Sweet Evil - Daddy's Girl Necklace
subscriber gift